We Upgraded CAD

We are now running Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite 2015 firmwide.

This software suite is what we have been waiting for, a full Building Information Modeling (BIM) software solution for civil engineering, utility design and analysis; and visualization capabilities.  What does all that mean?  It means that we can now design 100% of your project’s infrastructure in 3-D BIM model and it integrates directly with REVIT models allowing Architects and Engineers to finally share BIM models.  This means fewer conflicts during construction which means fewer change orders.

206K Spec Industrial to Break Ground

CaliChi is a proud member of the development team for the Broadway 101 Commerce Park – Phase 3, an industrial development project located on a premiere property in Mesa, Arizona.

More information can be found here

Celebrate National Small Business Week

Did you know it is National Small Business Week?  As a small business, CaliChi is a part of the engine that drives the Country’s economy.  If you believe in small business give us a call and let us find interesting and creative ways to strengthen your projects and your teams #SBW2013 and #supportsmall.

Watch out Maryland – Here We Come…

Austin Hahn, P.E. is pleased to announce that he has been granted a license to practice civil engineering by the State of Maryland PE # 43558.

Our clients continue to ask us to explore new markets with them and the whole CaliChi team is proud of Austin on his recent licensure in the Great State of Maryland.

Some fun facts about this wonderful place:

Famous Facts About Maryland

William Nuthead started the first printing business in St. Mary’s City in 1685. When he died his wife Diana inherited the business. She was the first female licensed as a printer in the colonies.

The Maryland Gazette founded in 1727 is the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States.

Charles Mason and Jeremiah surveyed the Mason-Dixon Line in 1763 to determine the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland. In 1767 the Mason-Dixon Line was established as Maryland’s northern border.

William Goddard inaugurated the first Post Office system in the United States in Baltimore in 1774.

In 1784 the first balloon ascension in the United States took place in Baltimore. The balloon was designed by Peter Carnes, but the ascent was made by thirteen year old Edward Warren.

Georgetown Prep in Bethesda, founded in 1789 by the society of Jesuits, is the oldest Catholic secondary school in the United States.

The Baltimore Water Company, the first water company in the United States, was chartered in 1792.

Mary Pickersgill designed the flag that flew over Ft. McHenry during the War of 1812.

Francis Scott Key wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner” after seeing the flag still waving during a battle in 1814.

In 1828 St. Francis Academy was the first dental school in the world. This became the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in 1839.

In 1844 the first telegraph line in the world was established between Washington and Baltimore.

In 1856 Charles Benedict Calvert created the first agricultural research college in the United States. The Maryland Agricultural College became the University of Maryland at College Park.

The USS Constellation docked in Baltimore is the last ship to survive from the Civil War.

The B&O Railroad was incorporated in 1827 by Charles Carroll. Today the railroad is part of CSX.

The Carrollton Viaduct in Baltimore was named in honor of Charles Carroll of Carrollton and is the oldest railroad bridge still in use.

The Thomas Viaduct in Relay was the longest bridge in the United States on completion in 1835 and is still in use.

Dr. Florence Rina Sabin of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore became the first female professor of medicine in 1901.

Holy Cow! CaliChi goes to Minnesota!

Austin Hahn, P.E. is pleased to announce that he has been granted a license to practice civil engineering by the State of Minnesota PE # 49880.

Austin’s licensure in the great State of Minnesota allows CaliChi to respond to Client requests to join them on projects in the Twin Cities.

Austin strengthens our presence in the Midwest and the Heartland as CaliChi continues to diversify in the services we provide, the Clients that we serve, and the geographic regions that we work in.

CaliChi certified as an LSBE

CaliChi has been certified as a Local Small Business Enterprise with the East Bay Interagency Alliance (EBIA) which includes the City of Oakland, the Port of Oakland, Oakland Unified School District, Alameda County, and the Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority (ACTIA).

CaliChi is proud to be certified into this program which will allow us to provide our services to our Clients while also helping them meet their public contracts SLBE requirements at the same time.  If you are looking to contract with any of the agencies associated with the EBIA, let CaliChi give you a leg up on the competition.  Belos are some of the highlights of the program:

Participation is Required!

  • For construction contracts greater than $100,000 and professional services contracts greater than $50,000 the prime vendor must achieve 50% LBE/SLBE Participation.
  • This requirement is satisfied by a 25% LBE and 25% SLBE split, or by 50% SLBE participation.
  • For construction contracts less than $100,000 and professional services contracts less than $50,000, you must outreach to certified local firms, ensuring that a minimum of three local firms are included in the solicitation.

What do you Prime Vendors get when they comply?

  • A minimum bid discount of 2% for meeting the participation requirement
  • Increased points and discounts as the level of local and small local business participation increases
  • Mentor-Protégé Relationships between non-local firms and local certified firms we strongly encourage these!

Find more info at the City of Oakland’s website.

Aloha! CaliChi goes to Hawaii.

Reco Prianto, P.E. is pleased to announce that he has been granted a license to practice civil engineering by the State of Hawaii PE # 14969.

By being licensed in Hawaii, CaliChi is providing our Client’s even more flexibility in where they work with CaliChi as a partner.

Reco says of being granted licensure, “our Clients have told us that they want us with them when they move into new areas and specialties, and we are proud to respond to that request.”