Our Story

A New Paradigm in Delivering Civil Engineering Services

When Reco and Austin met in 2007, they were working for the same national engineering firm and both were questioning the “traditional civil engineering” business model.

“Why does a firm have to have layer upon layer of management, expensive offices in high profile locations, and constantly squeeze projects and Clients for profit at all costs?”

They decided to “walk the walk” and on June 19, 2009 they formed CaliChi Design Group; a civil engineering firm founded on a 21st century model and the following principles.

Low Overhead

We keep our administrative and overhead costs to a minimum. This allows CDG to price services competitively without sacrificing quality. 60% of our staff work out of home office environments. We don’t waste resources (energy, financial, or sanity) commuting to work and are not tied geographically to long term office leases. This also allows our Team to be more focused, efficient and productive, which translates to more accurate and complete deliverables.

Responsiveness and Client Care

Clients want a consultant that answers the phone when they call. We have offices and access across the U.S., so someone is always available to answer. Life is full of little emergencies and we pride ourselves in our ability to face any emergency head-on. Clients can relax knowing that we will work quickly on a solution.


We have strategically located staff within a 2 hour flight from any location in the Continental U.S. We work where our Clients take us!


A Principal of the firm is involved in every project from the beginning and stays involved until the end. CaliChi has processes in place to ensure that a project starts in alignment with its scope and it stays there.

State-of-the-Art Technology

One of the core foundations of our company is to embrace technology, and rather than maintain costly terrestrial servers and dedicated IT staff, CaliChi utilizes the “Cloud” in the form of DropBox as a virtual server and file sharing, Gmail as our email servers, and Skype as our communications system. This means our systems are never down because we have the best and brightest of billion dollar companies maintaining our IT infrastructure and we have the flexibility to quickly access our project files and structure anywhere and at any time and have access to past revisions of files in the event that we need to recover old data. We can say with pride that we have never lost a project drawing file in the history of our company.

By leveraging technology, we can service our clients more efficiently and more cost effectively.


We pride ourselves in being aware of the need to balance sustainability and economics!

We work with our Clients to incorporate innovative sustainable practices into their projects in ways that are economically beneficial. We specifically designed our company to have a small environmental footprint.  We prescribe to a paperless environment, and although we have several brick and mortar offices we encourage staff to operate remotely whenever possible to reduce the carbon footprint.  At CaliChi we have programs in place to educate and encourage our team to be more sustainable in their personal lives as well.


We designed CaliChi to be the company that we always wished existed. We promote life and work balance, working more efficiently; not just more hours.